Marine Life

The marine life section focuses on the fish families and coral formations you can see while snorkeling in Thailand. Click any of the fish species names for further interesting facts and pictures.

Fish Families and Sea Life

  • Angelfish Facts and Pictures: Marine angelfishes are conspicuous discus-shaped reef fishes and easily recognised by their chromatic and intense coloring.
  • Barracuda Fish Facts and Images: Barracudas are large torpedo shaped predatory fish with a fearsome, and often intimidating, aggressive appearance.
  • Butterfly Fish Facts with Pictures: A colourful range of tropical marine fish often characterized by their elongated snout and bright intricate body patterns.
  • Clownfish Facts and Pictures: Learn more about the famous ‘Nemo’ anemonefish – so-called because many of the related species seek refuge in sea anemones.
  • Damselfish Facts and Information: Saltwater damselfishes [Pomacentridae], including the domino damselfish, are small colourful marine fishes found mainly in shallow tropical seas.
  • Jacks – A large silvery fish darting into the schools of tiny fish at feeding time.
  • Moray Eels Facts with Images: The moray is a ‘savage looking’ eel considered to be the largest of all eels and found in most saltwater environments.
  • Octopus Facts with Photographs: Octopuses rank among the most mesmerizing of all the cephalopod sea creatures and is a fascinating master of disguise.
  • Puffer Fish Facts and Pictures: Puffers are often called balloon fish because of their ability to ingest water with air and expand several times their original size.
  • Seahorse – Highly camouflaged creature usually found in the shallows of tropical coral reefs.
  • Sergeant Major Fish – A colourful black and yellow striped damselfish growing up to 15 cm long.
  • Shark Release in Thailand: An interesting article written about a program to release baby bamboo sharks back into their natural habitat.
  • Stingrays Facts and Pictures: Most rays are flat-bodied cartilaginous fishes living near the seafloor and in fact they are related to sharks.
  • Turtles Facts and Photographs: Marine turtles are large reptiles or ‘Testudines’ which are seen often swimming around all of the Pattaya coral islands in Thailand.
  • Wrasse – Usually small and very colourful marine fish feeding on small parasites.

Coral Reef Formation

With optimum conditions, a coral reef begins to form when free-swimming, minuscule coral larvae attach themselves to a solid structure under water.

Submerged rocks are common underwater structures that support coral growth. Corals also grow on similar hard surfaces found fringing the edges of islands or major continents.

Corals grow and expand at differing rates. But, a reef transforms into one of three major coral reef characteristic structures:

  • Atoll
  • Barrier Reef
  • Fringing Coral Reef

The list below includes some of the common coral reef formations seen on snorkeling tours in Thailand. Further sections in this snorkeling blog will include information about these fascinating underwater structures.

  • Brain Coral Facts and Pictures: Their scientific name is Diploria labyrinthiformis. Brain corals are generally spheroid in shape with a scratchy grooved surface.
  • Fire Coral Facts and Pictures: Learn how to recognize the fifty identified species of venomous fire coral. It might save you a painful sting, cut, or allergic reaction.
  • Staghorn Coral – A branching coral with cylindrical branches ranging from a few cms to over 2m.