Green Fins Friendly Snorkeling Guidelines

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) agency coordinates environmental issues and activities. They assist and implement environmental policies and practices of developing countries. It also includes the Green Fins friendly snorkeling guidelines.

Green Fins Snorkeling Best Practices

Please follow these simple guidelines and be a Green Fins Snorkeler.

Begin with Yourself

  • Support coral conservation by choosing a resort with care, and be a green consumer with your money.
  • Choose dive operations that are environmentally-friendly. Thus, go with those displaying the Green Fins Certificate.
  • Choose environmentally-conscious hotels and dive resorts.
  • Practice your snorkeling skills away from coral reef areas.
  • Make sure your snorkeling equipment fits properly because it may be difficult to adjust it in the water.
  • Adopt environmentally-friendly practices.
  • Wear a flotation device (e.g. a snorkeling vest) if you feel uncertain about your swimming ability in the water (e.g. a non-swimmer).

On the Boat

  • Choose dive operators that make use of available moorings because anchors can destroy fragile marine life.
  • Prevent the introduction of garbage, solid waste, and toxic substances into marine environments. Ensure all garbage is well stowed and disposed of responsibly.

Green Fins Snorkeling Guidelines

In the Water

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) agency coordinates environmental issues and activities.
  • Do not touch, stand or rest on corals and other marine life even when wearing gloves or booties. Some animals are very delicate and you may cause them harm or they may harm you.
  • Maintain a comfortable distance from the reefs to avoid contact and be careful where you enter and exit the water to avoid damaging corals.
  • Be aware of where your diving fins are and do not stir up sediments or damage corals.
  • Do not chase, harass, ride on, feed, or handle marine life.
  • Take nothing alive or dead out of the water.
  • Look but do not touch.

Taking Pictures

On Land

Do not purchase souvenirs made from corals and other marine life. It is often illegal and environmentally-unfriendly. Instead, you can help to support conservation projects by:

  • Paying user fees for recognised programs and areas that support marine environmental activities.
  • Filling in wildlife sighting forms when available.
  • Volunteering your skills in beach cleanups and other marine environmental activities.

What Else Can Snorkelers Do to Help?

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