Swimming Flotation Vests

Flotation vests for snorkeling are small lightweight inflatable jackets. Often snorkelers will wear a flotation vest to increase buoyancy and to allow safe relaxation at the surface of the water.

So, why do some people call a snorkel flotation vest ‘a life jacket for snorkeling’? The main reason is because many of them have a jacket style harness wrap around design.

Even so, you should not generally use them as a life preserver vest in water. This is mainly due to some safety issues regarding its buoyancy design.

Flotation vests for swimming and snorkeling activities.

Typically, when you buy life jackets online, they will most likely be polystyrene or foam material.

Hence, it can lose its buoyancy characteristics quite quickly when immersed in water for a long time.

Traditionally, a snorkel vest is a small inflatable device worn commonly by beginners and non-swimmers, or small children.

Using them can help to improve buoyancy and allow you to save energy while floating around and keeping your body above water.

Be cautious about the different prices and buoyancy characteristics of a buoyancy aid vs life jacket. Furthermore, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use snorkel vests.

The best inflatable life vests for snorkeling provide additional buoyancy which assists the wearer to relax on the surface.

In fact, the wearer can inflate some styles of snorkeling vests orally by blowing into a small tube. A special device also allows for the removal of air (to deflate the vest).

Thus, pressing a small release valve would mean you can drop down below the surface for some skin diving activities.