Accessories for Snorkeling Activities

You can buy all the popular snorkeling accessories and trendy gadgets through our online snorkeling shop.

Furthermore, an exposure suit and flotation jacket would be useful safety equipage to complete your basic snorkeling set.

Then, you can acquire cameras for snorkeling, or a waterproof disposable one, when you are ready to raise the fun level and interact with the amazing marine life of the underwater world.

List of Snorkeling Accessories

  • Mask Accessories – Watertight sturdy box, velcro straps, neoprene strap covers, silicone seal.
  • Snorkel Accessories – Replaceable mouthpiece, rubber snorkel keeper, plastic snorkel lock keeper, foldable snorkel.
  • Fin Accessories – Replaceable fin strap, replacement buckles.
  • Maintenance Items – Defog, odour eliminator, carabiner, mask cleaner.
  • Reference Library – DVD, Fish ID card, travel guide, map, pocket guide, books.
  • Travel Accessories – Waterproof camera, microfiber towel, jellyfish protective lotion, dry dock waterproof case.
  • Safety Devices – Safety vest, exposure suit, snorkel whistle, wrist slate, signal tube. flare light, compass, nautilus life marine radio.
  • UV Protection