Best Snorkeling in the Bahamas

Without doubt, the coral reefs and underwater attractions found in the Bahamas qualify as some of the prime snorkeling spots of all the Caribbean islands.

There are more than 700 exotic islands from which to choose. So, finding the best snorkeling in the Bahamas needs a little research – especially if you’re a beginner.

Of course, the full list of popular Bahamian destinations is not easy to cover in one simple article. But, this is a great place to get some professional insight into some amazing snorkeling and scuba diving adventures around the Caribbean.


Abacos is one of the most impressive of the Out Islands of the Bahamas. It is best to consider the Abacos as a long island chain stretching close to 20 miles in length that nestles within the greater Bahamas archipelago.

You will find an underwater world that includes abundant coral formations, caves, and a rich collection of swim-through arches.

For example, the destination known as ‘Smuggler’s Rest’ contains an upright plane wreck and there is a sunken galleon (complete with a few cannonballs) to be found at ‘Spanish Cannon’.

We consider average water temperatures (around the mid 80s Fahrenheit) and the clean waters lapping at white sandy beaches as being the top reasons to snorkel at Abacos in the Bahamas.

It is important to note that Hurricane Dorian hit these particular islands in August 2019. Stay tuned for further updates when the resorts and tourism venues reopen.


You can explore at least a dozen exciting locations if you go snorkeling at Eleuthera – including ‘Pineapple Dock’ and ‘Glass Window Bridge’ shipwrecks.

Among the diverse sea life found here are spotted eagle rays, turtles, southern stingrays, and reef sharks. Venture to a little deeper water and you would be unlucky not to see larger fishes, such as barracudas and tarpons.

The Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea fight for dominance in this area – so handling strong tides can be tricky for novices. Hence, connecting with one of the local guides is highly recommended.


So, what can you find while snorkeling at the Southern Bahamian islands? The simple answer is blue holes, colourful coral gardens, sea fans, and a handful of undersea caves to explore.

A guide to some of the best snorkeling spots in the Bahamas.

Furthermore, Stocking Island nestles a short distance from the main harbor of George Town.

It’s a long, narrow barrier that stretches out to the Atlantic Ocean.

Visitors can access the white sand beach by water taxi and the shallow pristine water at Exumas rates right up there with the best snorkeling in the Bahamas.

This area is well known for sightings of large resident stingrays. Look out for turtles and schools of reef fishes tucked around the corals and barrel sponges.

You should always follow the Green Fins snorkeling practices, but any experience for snorkelers with rays in shallow water tends to be a friendly one.

Long Island

Despite being a popular destination for water-sport enthusiasts, Long Island is one that charms tourists with its shallow bays and golden sandy beaches.

At a whopping 663-feet deep, Dean’s Blue Hole is rated as one of the deepest blue holes around the world. Of course, the site doesn’t draw snorkelers to this particular area. But, you might want to discover the difference between snorkeling and scuba diving to appreciate its appeal.

San Salvador

If you’re searching for a calm environment to snorkel in the Bahamas – try San Salvador. It is an ideal spot for inexperienced snorkelers with kids and for beach lovers.

The key snorkeling sites at San Salvador Bahamas include:

  • Bamboo Point
  • Fernandez Bay
  • Long Bay
Snorkel sites at San Salvador in the Bahama Islands.

Grotto Bay is another favorite for visitors to this archipelago. It boasts an immaculate curve of beach and dazzling aqua blue water.

Sharp-eyed snorkelers will enjoy spotting various sea life creatures, such as queen triggers, stoplight parrotfish, and white-spotted filefish.