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A team of professional snorkelers writing blog posts about snorkeling topics with updated articles.

Credentials and Awards

We operate and manage a team of scuba and snorkeling professionals – qualified and trained with PADI®.

Furthermore, our snorkeler guides are all certified in CPR and First Aid procedures – through EFRTM.

Our Story: Meet the Team

My journey to become a snorkeling and scuba diving trainer began around twenty years ago. At that time, I was in desperate need of a career change and had an opportunity to start my scuba training through the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI).

The training took about six months to complete. It culminated in a sanctioned certification that allowed me to teach people how to snorkel safely and to certify divers with an internationally recognised licence to scuba dive without the supervision of an instructor.

I received the final part of my professional training in Phuket, Thailand in 2002. Following that, I took on the role of ‘instructor’ and worked for the same company that taught me (Dive Asia).

It was an invaluable experience. I got to teach beginners, some who had never snorkeled before, and to certify divers to advanced levels (e.g. the PADI Divemaster certification for experienced divers embarking on a career in dive leadership and scuba training).

Teaching Snorkeling and Scuba

My journey as a dive trainer continued for several years afterward and I traveled a lot, to faraway places that included Mexico, Malaysia, Europe, and the Philippines. As a result, the information in our blog section covering the best snorkeling destinations comes from these experiences.

The natural progression, and the one that occurred, was to start a scuba diving business whereby I could also offer snorkeling activities for holidaymakers – especially families with children.

Besides that, the manager of a scuba centre needs to be knowledgeable in snorkeling equipment and how to use it safely. In fact, snorkelers need very little gear to get in the water and have some fun. Nonetheless, the tips we provide in the blog posts are a great resource for beginners.

Most of my friends and customers call me ‘Scuba Steve’. The nickname comes from the business that we run offering snorkeling tours and private scuba diving activities in Thailand.

Snorkeling blog posts about marine life and sea creatures.
The image shows clownfish nestled inside a sea anemone providing some safety from their natural predators.

Learning about Ocean Life

In recent years, I have less of a teaching role and more of one that helps to educate others about plants and animals that live in the sea and oceans. Our team accomplishes this through writing – such as in this website blog about snorkeling.

The blog section on marine life creatures is the place to learn more about organisms that inhabit the earth’s salt water systems and rivers. The resource guide contains information about the fish and plant life you could see while snorkeling in shallow water (e.g. around coral reefs).

As this website blog grows, we will also develop the fish gallery section. It will contain some of the best photographs and videos that we can find to post online in this snorkeling journal.

The snorkeling news section is where you will find interesting and topical stories from around the world. Even so, we cover some of the most important issues in the ‘frequently asked questions‘ section. You will find simple answers to the most common questions asked about snorkeling.

And Finally…

Our team always enjoys interacting with our web visitors. Please contact us if you have questions or comments.