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Welcome to our snorkeling blog. This is where you will find snorkeling tips for beginners and the answers to popular questions about swimming with a snorkel. Other sections contain equipment reviews, newsworthy articles, and where to find great snorkeling destinations.

Blogging about snorkeling adventures.

Articles and Advice

An updated collection of blog posts and other interesting facts about snorkeling safety for beginners.

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Information about diving and snorkeling equipment sets.

Equipment Guides

We review the best snorkel gear, underwater cameras, and accessories you can get for your money.

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Information about sea life and marine animals seen while snorkeling.

Marine Life Section

The sea life section will help you learn more about the fish families you might see while snorkel swimming.

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Snorkeling Blog: Popular Topics

Facts about Snorkeling Adventures

Check out a simple guide and video that explains ‘what is snorkeling‘ and how to snorkel safely. Beginners will learn all the basic facts and how to have a fun and safe snorkeling experience.

Snorkeling vs. Scuba; Learn all the important differences between snorkeling and scuba diving. We explain the different breathing techniques and equipment used.

Do you really need to have a snorkel buddy and why should you follow the recommended safe system of snorkeling together as a group?

The world’s best snorkeling destinations share several common factors. Browse through a worldwide guide that reviews and compares the top spots for snorkelers.

Are you going snorkeling with kids? Check the extra details you need to consider any time small children are near water to maximize the safety of the adventure.

The snorkeling FAQ section gives our team an opportunity to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about snorkeling activities.

Snorkel Equipment and Accessories

Having your own personal snorkeling equipment increases hygiene and safety for storing it. The gear section reviews dive masks, snorkels, fins, and accessories, such as digital waterproof or reusable cameras.

Choosing the best underwater camera for snorkeling and scuba diving can be a challenge. We review the latest GoPro and Intova cameras and accessories.

Follow our snorkeling photography tips and learn how to take underwater photos – and get stunning results like a pro!

Why not buy a new snorkel set for a family holiday or add some accessories and gadgets to your regular kit through our online snorkeling shop.

Welcome to our section highlighting Deep Blue® snorkel gear and associated accessories for scuba diving snorkeling activities.

Marine Life and Fish Families

Check out a section with information on fish species and pictures. We list many of the fish families you might see while snorkeling and scuba diving in Thailand – and a few you might not!

The sea life section also contains facts about coral reef formations with pictures. We list common types of corals and their structures.

The Green Fins friendly snorkeling guidelines explain how to be an environmentally-friendly snorkeler. Beginners should check out the UNEP best practices for all snorkelers.

Contacting our team…

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Disclaimer: We have completed professional training through PADI®. The information in this guide offers general snorkeling tips for beginners and non-swimmers who do not know how to snorkel. But, you should always get expert guidance on the proper snorkeling techniques and procedures for your local area before entering the water.